“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
– Sun Tzu

Digital Transformation is the most urgent challenge for business leaders today.  Yet most transformation projects were over-promised, under-delivered, or failed miserably – as reported by Harvard Business Review –  Why So Many High-Profile Digital Transformations Fail  (March 09, 2018): 

“What can we learn from these examples of digital dreams deferred? How did these smart, experienced leaders make decisions that don’t look so smart in hindsight?”

One key lesson:

“Digital is not just a thing that you can buy and plug into the organization. It is multi-faceted and diffuse, and doesn’t just involve technology. Digital transformation is an ongoing process of changing the way you do business.” 

Today, the move to digital technology is driving change in the marketplace at an alarming pace. The pervasive Internet and mobile device access allows instant communication of new options, total sharing of customer experiences, and mass customization on a world-wide scale.  Organizations can no longer hide behind a cultural stereotype, a well-built brand, or a geographic wall.

Organizations must change and adapt to the changing customer’s expectation and behavior or risk being irrelevant and left behind by the digital generation.  For some organizations, learning how to be digital is more difficult, risky and painful than it should be.

At Agape Marketer, we do digital transformation in a different way. Instead of the traditional approaches, we adopt a “Design Thinking” & “Agile methodology” approach to do Strategy formulation with you and work out the specific implementation Tactics people, process, knowledge, skills and technologies needed for digital transformation of your organization.

Are you at the crossroad of digital transformation for your business?  What are your thoughts on digital transformation?  How do you adapt, change and gain the competitive advantages that digital technology can bring to your organization?

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