Do you prefer a business that is focused on your Needs and Wants rather than one pushing for theirs all the time?

In our modern age of  digital media technologies, the traditional “Outbound Marketing” (ie. Print media, Newspaper, TVs, Radios, Magazine, cold calls, etc. ) is outdated, ineffective, costly and frankly, broken.  Today, prospective customers are online most of the time and empowered with information and knowledge from the Internet before they look for your products or services.  

A new approach of “Inbound Marketing” (ie. Social Media, Google search, quality Blog content, useful apps, Email marketing, etc.) are drawing more attention and quality leads for creating new customers.  

At Agape Marketer, we adopt a Four-stage Customer-centric approach in Strategic marketing to engage a prospective customer: 

  • Awareness stage: gaining Customer’s insights and relating to them with a clear Value-Proposition-Message on how your products and services can help them is the first stage of building Awareness.
  • Consideration stage:  prospective Customer now is researching and comparing your products/services with other providers. A meaningful and sincere conversation with the prospective customer about their requirements and problems is crucial at this stage.  
  • Decision stage: customer made a purchase decision among many providers – your unique value proposition and differentiating factors are crucial.  
  • Relationship Management stage: building trust by providing useful information, solutions and rewards to customer – creating repeated sales in the long-term.


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