“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
– Aldous Huxley

What’s your positioning strategy for your products and services?

For marketer, Positioning is to create an image in the mind of prospective customers about your products, brands, services or organization.

At Agape Marketer, we work with you to define your Market Segment-Target-Positioning (STP) strategy, Logo design, and Website Design.

After selecting your niche market, positioning helps to create an impression in the customer’s mind.

Positioning is broadly classified into three types:

  • Functional Positioning:  focus on problems-solutions-benefits of your products and services to your customers
  • Symbolic Positioning: creating a sense of social belongingness and purposes
  • Experiential Positioning:  creating sensory and cognitive simulation in the minds of the customer.

Your marketing positioning strategy directs the design of your Logo, Name,  and your positioning messages to your targeted customers’ segment.

Logo design is very important. It is the central visual element to attract and connect with the prospective customer with your Brand.

A well-designed, professional Website is vital for digital marketing success. Your Website is an extension of your Brand and a platform for marketing and system innovation.

Are you considering revamping your website, logo or branding strategy?

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