“The strength of brand loyalty begins with
how your product makes people feel.”

Jay Samit

Branding has become one of the most crucial aspects of business strategy in the digital age. Yet it is also one of the most misunderstood. Some marketers thought that branding is just about Name and Logo design; and merely an advertising function.  They failed to realize the enduring power of brand in defining and driving business growth.

Let’s look at some examples of famous brand:

What’s your feeling and experience with these successful brands?

Successful brands conveys strong, cohesive images, stories, and one that is associated with trust, credibility and quality of their products and services.

A good brand is a valuable business asset which brings many benefits:

  • Brands Drive Customer Buying Decisions
  • Brands Drive the Differentiation
  • Brands Drive the Bottom Line
  • Brands are central to creating Customer’s Value
  • Branding is a key tool for creating and maintaining competitive advantage
  • Brands influence cultures that circulate in society as conventional stories
  • Brand strategies must be “engineered” into the marketing mix

How is your brand doing? What do you like or don’t like about your current brand identify?

What’s the story behind your brand? Where do you see your brand in 10 years?

Do you have a well-designed, effective and professional website to market your brand? 

Read on and learn about the importance of Design.


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