“Branding…it’s not about just a Name and a Logo, it’s about making an emotional connection with your customer.”
– Agape Marketer
At Agape Marketer we work with you to tell your Story. We adopt a “Design Thinking” approach with you to discover answers to the following key questions:
  • Why you do what you do?
  • What’s your core purpose?
  • What’s the essential truth of your Brand?
  • What’s the defining point of differentiation of your Brand?
  • What’s the single-most important promise of your Brand?
  • How you want your brand ‘feels’?
  • What name? Tagline?  –  that creates a spark in customers’ minds through an evocative image or a creative phrase.

Through a series of discussion and workshops, we deliver the following Brand Management system for your organization:

  • Visual System: Logo, Name, Tagline, and all of the graphic elements that communicate the brand’s position, promise and personality visually
  • Brand Communications Touch Points: The points of contact the brand has with customers.
  • Brand Voice Guidelines: The unique tone that expresses the brand personality in words.

What’s your story? How can we help you to deliver the values of your products and services to the right customers?

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